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For us, music is special. In all senses.

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Let’s talk about music, passion and equality.

Life is demanding for everyone, but for those who are hearing impaired, the limitations in this one aspect can mean daily challenges most of us do not have to face. Ludwig sets out to provide new inclusive experiences that will make the world a better and more interesting place for all of us.


Music is an important source of inspiration. It provides with amazing sensations, emotional roller coaster rides, it both defines and represents our reality, and it transforms our world into something special and truly unique.

We believe that every single individual deserves to experience all the wonders that listening to music entails; a world that engages and amazes, independently of one’s particular difficulties or differences.

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Our mission is to bring music to everyone. Everywhere.

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We want to overcome all the barriers, so we let our imagination soar...

Individuals with hearing impairments, over time, develop increased sensibility. With the use of our comfortable wearable wristband, we’ve been able to meticulously convert the sound waves that make up the characteristics of each musical note, into a representative tactile rendition. This enables not only appreciation of musical beauty and complexity, but also opens up the possibility for learning to play entire musical compositions.

By uniting our passion of music with our desire to reach people not accustomed to traditional musical experiences, we have been able to do what is in our DNA… to make the world just a little bit better… for all of us.

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